AJ Borowsky

Writer AJ Borowsky likes to think of his first book as a practice run.  Since publishing his second book, What Next: A Proactive Approach to Success, he’s learned more about the work that indies must devote to moving their books.  AJ shares that information here.

1. Tell me briefly about your books – what are they about and what motivated you to write them?

I’ve written two books but the first was just a rehearsal.  I wrote that one, a personal finance book, under a pseudonym and I’m glad I did.  That book really had some good ideas but the execution wasn’t there.  I may re-release it in the future.  I wrote it because I was tired of reading personal finance books that purported to know the “secret” to building wealth or getting rich when the reality is there is no secret.

My latest book, What Next: A Proactive Approach to Success, was written for two reasons.  The first was that I was shocked to get a royalty check for the first book.  It was for only six dollars but if someone (or two or three people) bought it, then maybe I could do better with a well-written, researched, and marketed book.  The second reason I wrote What Next was because I realized that the most successful people I know shared several traits: they were curious, adventurous, and were willing to take risk.

Those traits can also be used to describe independent authors.  We are curious or creative enough to write, adventurous enough to share our writing, and willing to take the risk, and expense, of publishing our work.

2. How have your sales been?

It’s very early in the process but let’s say I’m thankful for friends and family.  What’s most important to me is the feedback I’ve gotten.  It’s one thing for friends and family to buy the book but quite another when they read it and buy several more as gifts or recommend it to their friends.  I’ve been encouraged by that.  Unlike fiction, the number of people who are looking to read a non-fiction book are a bit limited.  Although I don’t like the label self-help that really is the genre of my book and that market is even more limited.  But I feel I approach the material a bit differently.

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