Alex Bunardzic

Independent author Alex Bunardzic recently published a book but has already developed a network and learned a lot about indie writing.  Learn more about his work and his experience in this interview.

1. Tell me briefly about your book – what is it about and what motivated you to write it?

My book is about certain difficult points in Buddhism.  There appears to be a fairly large body of confusion about what is Buddhism, what is the fundamental Buddhist teaching and practice, and how can Buddhism fit into our daily lives.  Upon closer inspection of the contemporary Buddhist literature available on the market today, it turns out that many of the books dealing with the topic are actually not discussing Buddhism at all.  They’re mostly Brahmanism, Taoism, or other Absolutist religions disguised as Buddhism.

My book discusses these issues and proposes to remedy this confusion.  Hence the focus on the ‘difficult’ points.  It is an attempt to clarify what Buddhism is and what Buddhism isn’t.  In addition to that, my book also contains a straightforward set of instructions on how to follow the authentic Buddhist teaching and practice, without falling into the trap of Absolutist, Transcendentalist, or any other non-Buddhist practices.  So my fundamental motivation for writing this book is to clarify the fog of confusion that is surrounding the Buddhist teaching and practice.

2. How have your sales been?

Well, I published the book only five days ago, so it may be early to tell.  One indicator may be that it has been spending most of the past five days at the top position of Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” list in the book category (alternating between number 1 and number 2 position).  Time will tell, though…

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