A.L. Collins

Fantasy writer A.L. Collins has turned an endless imagination into a cottage industry of writing.  His unique and creative approach to marketing – even involving scent candles to reference things created in his books – is presented here.

1. Pretend for a moment I’m a reader looking for my next book.  Pitch me your book in five to ten sentences.

People say to learn from the past, but that’s not always an easy thing to do.  Especially when your past has been literally erased from view.  Rigil thought he was normal.  He wanted to protect what little he had from the rest of the world.  But things did not go as planned when a shadow organization of immense power stormed his hometown, burning it to the ground.  Now he’s running for the capital city, praying he makes it in time to warn of the doom lurking overhead.  As he travels with a gypsy, a shapeshifter and a witch, Rigil combats enemies and black magic wherever they may arise.  However, the young man will soon learn that the road through the darkness is a harrowing experience when one tries to go it alone.

2. What motivated you to become an indie writer?

I’ve always loved storytelling.  I adore making people feel things they haven’t felt before.  I think that as I grew older I realized that my imagination was just overwhelming at times, so much so that I lay awake at night dreaming up wild adventures.  A lack of excitement in my younger life coupled with my fascination with people, personalities and characters is what really made me realize that writing is really what I wanted to do.

3. You have not been traditionally published.  Why?

For a few personal reasons I haven’t been traditionally published.  Not every publisher can discover every breakthrough book.  So many good ideas get lost in the shuffle.  And this is also a career just as it is a passion.  I had people to support, friends who counted on me.  I decided to take my future into my own hands.  I hoped that if I was any good at writing these stories, then the fact I didn’t get traditionally published wouldn’t matter.  Maybe the stories would shine through on their own.  I am still looking for options, but I’ll continue writing regardless of my publication status.

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