Brian Friedl

Brian Friedl uses his writing to help others grow in their Christian faith. Learn more about the importance of building your author network early.

1. Tell me briefly about your latest book – what is it about and what motivated you to write it?

Mission Possible: Living A Life That Matters is the result of over 20 years of helping others to discover their God-given purpose.  It takes readers on a journey from the basics (Bootcamp) through their individualized Vision Building (Advanced Individual Training).  This study works well independently or even better in a small group setting.  I recently completed a study through it with 42 men from around the country.  I love seeing God’s children grow and become world-changers!

2. How have your sales been?

Sales have been good and always spike when I’m leading a study or speaking to a group online or in person.

3. You’ve chosen self-publishing.  How have you liked it so far?  Talk about some of the positives and negatives you’ve encountered.

I have thoroughly enjoyed self-publishing and have found it to be rewarding to be engaged in every part of the process.  The only drawback was the time it took me to figure out how to complete each of the steps while balancing everyday life. Read More