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Dear readers,

To those I’ve interviewed here – and everyone else reading – I’d like to request that you please vote my blog for the Independent Book Blogger Awards on  The link is here.

If you are not already a member of Goodreads, you have to register, but this takes mere seconds and would be a great help to me.  The link to register is here (after which you can vote at the above link).

This would be the first award for my blog if I win.  And because you’ve been featured on the site, it would add prestige to your interview and possibly help drive traffic and sales.  Just recently I was informed by an author that her interview on my site resulted in a book club purchasing 16 books from her!  So I know the blog is having a real effect.

Please vote for me, and tell your friends and contacts as well.  I sincerely appreciate your support.



4 thoughts on “Please vote for my blog on

  1. Done voting your blog.
    Could you please vote for my blog, I entered my blog for Digi Contest : Kindly go to this URL : [redacted by KWB]
    Vote start from 23rd April till 13th May 2012
    Thank you.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your vote, and I’d be more than happy to vote for your blog, but as a rule I do not click on links from people I don’t know in case they are viruses. Please tell me the name of the website and your name or your blog’s name and I will look it up and then vote for it. Thanks!

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