What authors and others are saying about KWB:

“The interview was enjoyable and accurate.  A fan read it online, and as a result I landed a speaking engagement where I sold almost 20 books.”
–Sandy Hill, author of Tangled Threads

“Your interview of me not only increased sales noticeably, but also increased the hits on my book’s website.  You’re doing a wonderful service for indie authors.”
–Delin Colón, author of Rasputin and the Jews: A Reversal of History

“Thanks for posting my interview.  The hits to my website doubled the day the post went live.”
–Una Tiers, author of Judge vs. Nuts

“Kris Wampler asks good questions that show a clear understandingof the self-publishing process–pro and con.”
Shel Horowitz, consultant, author, international speaker

“Thank you so much for interviewing me and publishing the interview on your site.  When it went live there was a noticeable increase in hits to my book’s blog page. I am still getting visitors who have been directed from your page to mine.”
–Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, author of For Everyone: Words and Paintings

“Thank you for the opportunity to explain the importance of editing.  Within two weeks, I received requests from three authors who visited your site.”
–Lorraine Fico-White, editor at Magnifico Manuscripts.

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