Announcing my forthcoming novel

I’m pleased to announce my forthcoming novel, A Penny Black, which is tentatively scheduled to be published in Fall 2021. A Penny Black is most appropriately categorized as a clean romance, although the guy doesn’t get the girl until the end. “Clean” means no sex or profanity; in fact, most of the book is spent with the guy actually finding the girl, and in the most unexpected way. I will post more details about the plot as I get closer to the projected publication date of October 29, 2021. While every author says this, I believe the plot is truly unique and will most certainly entertain the readers.

The manuscript for A Penny Black was started around November 2016. The death of a close personal friend and love interest, Amy Morgan, in 2017 added a new dimension to the writing. The book is dedicated to Amy. In this way, A Penny Black is a truly personal and intimate project and was written almost as a form of therapy.

At present, I am applying developmental edits to the manuscript. I am thankful for the editing assistance of Alisha Grace at Graceful Content and recommend her services (contact me if you’d like details). I will keep you all updated as the editing progresses and I appreciate your interest in my work!

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  1. Best of luck, Kris! I’m working through developmental edits for my second novel, amazed at the insights and thought-provoking questions that are helping me go deeper into the story. I wish you well with your novel.

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