5 star review for my book, Love Train

Last week I received a positive review from one of my readers, Patricia Porco, whose site allows indie authors to have their books listed for others to find.  Patricia wrote:

This spoof of action-adventure novels, in the tradition of the Airplane and Naked Gun movies, would have been another perfect vehicle for Leslie Nielsen. Suspend your disbelief and get ready for a crazy adventure featuring the nuttiest characters and situations imaginable. A great read and a great time.

It’s great seeing my book garner this sort of response.  Thanks Patricia!

2 thoughts on “5 star review for my book, Love Train

  1. Sounds brilliant mate, fully intend to check it out. Aside: I don’t mean you specifically, but notice how there’s a lot of writing inspired by cinema of late? Maybe its not even a new phenomenon but people write/describe stuff in a much more visual way than your average novel twenty years ago and you’ve got to wonder if its significant in some way. Probably not.

    • I think you’re right, and what you’re seeing is the influence of the modern media – and the tremendous access we now have to it via the Internet – on the old media (books, magazines). People expect more vivid imagery, and it just makes sense to give them that if you intend to keep their attention. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and checking out my book.

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